• Are the 2014 420 rear u joints the same as the older 420s

    Are the 2014 420 rear u joints the same as the older 420s?

    • Ok will the older 500 ones work?

    • Yes older 500's will work. They just wont have that rubber boot over them.

    • Ok thanks

    • Np

    • no Jessie Cartlidge u have to used the 2012 500 joint in 2014 420s and the new rubicons those drive shafts and threw shafts are same all older bikes use same joint from 13 420 down and 2011 500 down

    • I've used a 09 500 u joint on my bike before.

    • Wait. I just woke up. Lol yea that's what I told him. The older 420 u joints wont work for the new 2014+. Have to use the foreman u joint.

    • stop lien lol the joint 09 is same size at the rincon witch is same as the old 420s thats why with newer bikes as in the 2012 500 and 2014 420s to do irs conversion drive shaft use to have to be custom made till the rubicon came out

    • I think it was a 09.. I know it came off a carbbed foreman 500. and not kidding. Lol I be for real!!

    • I'm building a hd u joint and just need the splined part off the u joint lol