Are the r6 taillights a plug in play or is a relay or inline resistor needed...

Are the r6 taillights a plug in play or is a relay or inline resistor needed for the maddog

  • No need to add a resistor, it's already done for you. You need to run a wire from a switched 12VDC source to power the running light though. The unregulated AC from the stator will fry the LED's in no time. The turn signals and brake light are already DC powered, so you only need to run one new wire for the running light and you are all set. The method would be the same as shown in this tutorial I wrote: ?p=964

  • Ok cool one more question I have led headlight already in that slot can I use any of the other spots in it or splice into the same as headlight

  • You can tap into the same wire that powers the headlight as long as you are careful. The running light doesn't pull much juice. I make a switched power kit if you want the quick and easy solution. vanagonheadlightrelays/scooter -stuff/chuckus-headlight-dc-po wer/switched-12vdc-jumper-kit

  • Ok cool I'll test it out and if any issues I'll try out the jumper

  • hey Darby Brown im running my r1 taillight for past your without converting to dc. still works perfect. i lucked out i guess

  • You are living on borrowed time. Or maybe the voltage from your stator is low enough that it hasn't cooked it yet. It's still a much better idea to power the LED's with the DC they were designed for.

  • Darby Brown i know haha. but fuck it. im fine spending 8$ a year

  • I was gonna say, just give it time lol diodes will start blowing one by one

  • Not to mention the flickering at idle

  • I have seen several R1/R6 tails go in less than a week running directly from the stator, but I also know a few people who have no problems after many months. With the lack of quality control from most Chinese manufacturers, it's hard to know when you will run out of luck.

    The main risk being that you typically lose both the running light and brake light function at the same time, so some assclown texting in the car behind you might really fuck up your day if they don't see the brake lights come on.