• Are the Sabre Magna rear end housings the same from v45 to v65 of same years

    Are the Sabre/Magna rear end housings the same from v45 to v65 of same years? If so is the ring and pinion is interchangeable with a different gear ratio? What ratios were avail stock?

    • I will be doing this then. Thanks for the response (i'll double check mine to make sure first) cool

    • No 4.11's or anything? lol

    • If you pull out the gears from other bikes you can make your own. There was a list on v4hondabbs.com but I have not been there in a while. You will need to register to see any thing of value.

    • If you need more info 82s are probably my most knowledgeable year

    • Thanks

    • My 83 V65 Magna seemed to jump off the line better than my 86 does. Could that be rrear gear difference? both stock with just a K&N filter

    • There is a mod for changing your stock 3.18 to a 3.40. Makes my Magna jump off the line.... Join us over at http://v4hondabbs.com and there are threads on how to do it, and I *think* V4marketplace sells one ready to swap.... http://www.v4market.com/340-Fi nal-Drive_p_35.html

    • 83 V65s made a bit more power than the other years due to carb and maybe a slight can change

    • It is if you own a V45. The V45 rears interchange. They do not bolt on to a V65