Are the tyga exhausts legal on road cause noise

Are the tyga exhausts legal on road cause noise

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  • I remember seeing something bout this its a grey area to me, all the website have to say about it is this

  • To me that reads like your not allowed to modify the OEM exhaust system to make it louder (like shortening the can) - doesn't read like you can't replace it with another, that may well be louder?

  • I've gone deaf from mine so if I was getting told off I wouldnt be able to hear them anyway :)

  • way it works is this MOTs if the pipe has not for road use stamped on it they cannot pass the bike if their is no stamping at all they have to pass it but can make a note that it is loud. When it comes to the police most of the time they just look for the stamping of where it says not for road use or race use only etc

  • Someone said something to me about a "kite" stamp? About it being legal in the UK? Anyone any idea what I'm talking aboutv

  • no stamp,on the tyga

  • say that you both it from someware and it was on the bike...

  • My yoshi "had" a sticker saying it's illegal, now it's just got "void" instead