Are these the Rizoma clones. I love these mirrors


Are these the Rizoma clones? I love these mirrors...

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  • Pic is literally from google if you search "Grom mirrors"

    I have no clue about anything on the bike. I just wanna know what mirrors they are

  • Yum yum I want

  • I got some Rizoma copies for girly's Grom from Aliexpress ..... they look damned awesome

  • I got rizoma elisse copies. Excellent quality. 10/10 would recommend

  • 9/10

  • 9/11

  • These are the same as my mirrors -

    I believe they are the "fake" rizoma

  • 5/7

  • Got these of eBay last week great fake rizoma mirrors 20 quid delivered even says rizoma on them didn't show that on the add lol

  • like that Exhaust

  • Joao Barreiro

  • Anyone know where to get rizoma clones?

  • Would love those mirrors!!

  • Do you have a link to those mirrors mate?

  • Yeah a link would be appreciated

  • Ebay guys. Just search em up

  • searching for Rizoma Ellise just brings up the actualy Rizoma ones :(

  • Type cnc mirrors or tomok mirror on ebay, loads cheap as chips.