Arrived at interview and there s another msx waiting

Arrived at interview and there's another msx waiting

  • Am on stock tyres and think there sound,rode on white frost other week was sound. Feel very grippy

  • That white 1 is that a R&G tail tidy ?

  • Yeah Rob the White one is mine

  • veerubbers arent as bad as people make out. dont mind mine, jsut ride to the conditions

  • i ride to the conditions anyway, but in the wet i've slipped out enough times to notice its not my riding style. i take a roundabout by brighton pier in 1st gear in the wet and it still tried locking up

  • cause you were in first gear? only time the arse slips out is on fresh white paint, manhole covers, and as i jsut foudn out wet dirt, but its not going out far, soon as its on better road its fine. and i dotn really hang about

  • 1st gear when the rain is too bad for me ta see . open the visor and its like a swimming pool infront of my eyes. any tyres will slip out on wet paint, white lines, man holes etc .... just ride straight over man hoe covers, dont brake or change gear or lean on them and youre fine.

  • i dont hang about either

  • :) yeah unfortunatly most of the lines and covers are in teh middle of my line on corners lol, but its all goodnot gunna bother changing them, just getting into my grove and removing those chicken strips (just need abit better weather)

  • yeah need decent weather. got mine in october roughly, so havent had much decent weather .. had a few days, but need to get rid of whats left of my chicken strips aswell