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Anyone know if these any good??

  • I almost got this headlight, I have a few petex products n they are decent quality but couldn't say for this I'm afraid bud

  • Heard the headlight is worse than standard

  • Look good lol tempted but need reviews first lol

  • To be honest yes the light is worse than the original. I have one myself but well its just for the style ;)

  • ^honesty from the seller that's what I like to see

  • I think the styling is fantastic. At the end of the day it depends how much you use the light. My riding is all city so my headlight just needs to bright enough to be seen and not to see with so I would choose styling over functionality.

  • yes, reviews and tests ive seen they are like half as bright as the standard light brightness.

  • Which isn't very good anyway haha

  • you can also swith to another bulb

  • Is it like a straight swap over?

  • Hmm if you got Us bike u may need some small electricty skill to plug it

  • UK bike mate

  • if you got this system its plug and play

  • Ok bro cheers