Asking honda themselves for msx problems lol


Asking honda themselves for msx problems lol

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  • Put 10mm more oil in each fork leg. Alternatively put 15w oil in. Ive seen people put 20w in but they becomes excissively hard and only use 3inch of travel

  • I originally had my 2013 msx oil changed by honda under warranty as they had so many complaints regarding safety and info is on the net if you look for it, i showed this info to my dealer who contacted honda and they allowed the oil change, 3 years on they are still chucking this shitty oil in its rediculous.

  • Pretty much every single honda runs 10w oil. They wont specifically modify 1 bikes issuse becuase a small amount (in conparison to sales) have complained.

  • Im gona wack the 20w in lol

  • I highly recomend trying 10mm each leg up to 20mm extra first then try 15w if that doesnt work. The 20 makes it very very hard

  • I have a few bottles of new fork oil how much 0il do they take standard

  • 221cc of oil and a 75mm air gap reduce the air gap to 70mm and 20w motul oil helps massively

  • 225ml in each leg and 15w oil is what i will do eventually, 10w is what i had in my old one and was spot on but am 17st so need it.

  • I put 30w in mine and around 10ml more made a decent difference makes it better when riding hard