ATC and TRX 250R parts


Paul Turner ATC 250R pipe, not perfect but not scrap, 75.00, OEM left front TRX 250R fender, race cut and faded but mount holes good and no cracks, 45.00, OEM headstay with steering stabilizer and stem bracket, 40.00, OEM rear fender brace, 45.00, lower front fender mounts, 35.00 a set, silencer mounts, 40.00 for set, OEM tool kit holder, perfect condition but no lid, 20.00,air box snorkel, 25.00. All are OBO and + shipping

%d comments
  • Interested in paul turner pipe, it's off 85 -86 right

  • Yes it is.

  • I would take the pipe if Jared doesn't wind up buying it.

  • I think I'm gonna get it

  • I'm interested in the headstay and stabalizer