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This Aero 1100 what kind of exhaust that fits? Are they Cobra Drag pipes with extension of craft?

  • Tami Glover on my Aero 1100 I have the original exhaust, I would like to mount the vance & hines longshot but discharges separate long as they are mounted on aero this 1100 photo I like much more ....

  • Davide Preatoni, ok...I took a look around and here is probably what you would need to do to achieve the look shown on the white bike where the pipes are separated. I actually believe they probably started out with Vance & Hines Straight Shots, which should come with the mounting bracket. See these:

    http://products.vanceandhines. com/store/18483/

  • In order to get the longer look like the Longshots, they probably replaced the pipes from the muffler joints back. The unfortunate thing is, you wouldn't be able to just put Longshot mufflers on because of the termination points, the bottom Longshot pipe would not be long enough and they would not end evenly. So - you could make your own mufflers out of 2 1/4 exhaust tubing to the right length. Borla sells stainless tubing in 5 foot lengths for about $67 here - you would then need to have them chromed, add the inlet that joins the heads to the mufflers, and would need to make some kind of baffles for them. You will also definitely need to rejet your carburetors.

  • Thank you Tami GLover!!!! :-)

  • Tami I'm sorry if I worry you of questions, but you are very kind and you are my point of reference for any clarification here from Italy, where at times it's hard to find aftermarket products to customize my 1100 aero ... so if I buy the straightshots Vance & Hines the Bora stainless exhaust tubing that I have to buy are the ones you posted above, the 30325? these extensions are already chrome? ....

  • Davide Preatoni, no, the Borla tubing is stainless steel (no rust!) but you would have to have them chromed once you cut them to length so they match the heat shields on the head pipes. You would also need 2 couplings to join them to the head pipes. I would wait until you get the rest of the parts to locate the right couplings. I also found tips on Borla's website for you, these are already chromed: 225_inlet_225_outlet_single_ro und_anglecut_tip_part__20106.h tml

  • I took a look around Davide Preatoni, and you can get 42" Samson 2.25" slip ons that are already chromed....but my concern is the bottom pipe will not be long enough? If you look at where the mufflers and head pipes join on the V&H Straight shots - look at the white bike picture again and see where the bottom muffler pipe starts, you will need a fairly long pipe to get to reach the end of the bike. Even if they did fit, you will need to do some modifying so both pipes stop at the same place since the muffler pipes will be two different lengths. I think it would be just as cheap to build with the Borla parts and have them chromed. See the Samson slip ons here: .html#.VAnMgWPgXvg

  • Or, if this ends up being too spendy, get V&H Longshots and be done :-)

  • Thank you very much Tami Glover! now I decide and assess, if it is too expensive and difficult I will choose to buy the Vance & Hines longshot :-)