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  • Maybe it's because I'm old and a little crazy myself, but I've got to respect someone that marches to their own drummer.

  • That looks like a pain to drive

  • Gas tank won't allow him to see where he is going!

  • hit a pot hole doing 4o or more you might have some roadrash

  • Also looks like he is fighting the steering. The geometry may be all wrong. You wouldn't get all that wandering by just leaning slightly. But, it is a bad choice.

  • I reckon I done got old fashioned because I think a lot of bikers who do this to their bikes just ruin them. Just my opinion here guys but same goes for the bobber thing. I don't get it but to each his own.

  • Definitely gives us something to talk aboutfor sure!

  • Call it for what it is; a really bad idea.