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Who in wrong. or car???

  • slow the fuck down and quit trying to split lanes, especially when the other guy has his turn signal on. how stupid can you be

  • Don't know how the accident investigation will result but in my opinion the biker was at fault for the simple fact that that he was slitting lanes to beat the traffic flow. You might think you're getting to where you're going quicker but we can all see how well that worked out for him. Glad he's still alive but I'll bet he won't do this sort of thing anymore.

  • Bike probably almost 99 of the time. dependent upon state laws about splitting lanes. I only know of one state lane splitting that is legal: California. There are maybe two others. STOP DOING IT AND BLAMING OTHERS FOR YOUR STUPID IRRESPONSIBLE ROAD HABITS. YOU ARE WRONG 100% of the time. Dumb!!

  • In California it is legal to split lanes....

  • Fuckin prius drivers man.

  • Sure but at your own risk. Doesn't make you safe. It's frankly the stupidest safety move ever. I'd only do it waiting to go over the Bay Bridge.

  • Lane splitting is safer. Look at the video, rider gets side swiped and is able to get up and walk away.

    The alternative is being hit from behind which means he flies off the bike and is likely to suffer all kinds of fun spinal injuries. /06/02/ama-study-finds-lane-sp litting-increases-rider-saftey

  • That's an incredibly good point and a very helpful thing to keep in mind as a rider.

  • Actually it is not currently legal in California, what it is is not illegal. Big difference. I have seen terrible accidents from lane splitting first hand. I know allot of bikers say if the driver...... blah blah blah whatever, ain't gonna happen. It is dangerous.

  • Bike another dumbass on a sportbike

  • Not legal when all traffic is moving.

  • Biker : Going to fast for traffic conditions, ilegal passing between two moving vehicles, while splitting the lanes.......Legal or not, Stupid move on the bikers part. Lets use some common sense here.

  • Not a sport bike, Look closer. But you are right about being a "Dumass".

  • It wont play now....scooter?

  • You know nothing about the driver. You are judging buy the type vehicle he drives. "Stupid Statement Robert" Think about it !

  • Not a Sport bike. Not a crotchrocket. Not a Scooter. Reguardless of the type of bike, The rider is like you said, "A Dumass".

  • I never go-between cars - ever

  • I go between cars all the time but slow..

  • We have the same rules as cars - IMHO

  • Same