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    Not the way I wanted to travel home from a weekend in the Netherlands! At least I got as far as the port at Calais before she broke!

    • That's what I'm guessing! Got to Calais, fired up then died and wouldn't start again when needing to get on the boat! Fully loaded it's not the lightest of bikes to push on and off a ferry! It had felt like it was struggling to start a little all day :-(

    • Mine went last October, Newcastle honda were great and changed everything and loaned me a bike but it really shouldn't be happening, my bike is 7 next January and I am considering changing it because I don't want to have to spend a huge amount of cash fixing it when it invariably goes again, I'm up to 34000miles now and no other issues other than head & wheel bearing and a battery in 12mths and 13000 miles, spoiling a fab bike :-(

    • The Bike is now in the safe hands of CMW Motorcycles in Chichester where I got her from in April. Chris, the sales manager, couldn't have been more helpful!

    • Well some good news for a change! It seems that the faulty parts on my Honda CBF1000 are covered by an extended warranty just got to get the bike from Chichester to Crescent Honda next Wednesday!!!! Took Chris from CMW a lot of phone calls to get Honda UK to admit the extended warranty bit!!!

    • CMW in Chichester have a van and will drop it over as they picked it up from my home to have a look over it.

    • Well the bike is now in the hands of Crescent Honda in Lowford, Southampton. Very Nice chaps and they are also checking out my topbox & mount as that was an outstanding Factory Update on the bike!

    • Got the bike back yesterday afternoon! Fair play to Crescent Honda they did what they said they would and no problems with dealing with them! I'm sure being President of the club that organises the largest weekend rally in Hampshire has nothing to do with the level of service I got - not that I'd give them bad publicity or anything;-)