Avoiding the rain so far. Heading for Segovia

Avoiding the rain so far. Heading for Segovia.

  • Good for you ,,,the rain has arrived here in st tropez, rain, rain, can you give me your route map so i can follow you please!!

  • Hello, enjoy the tour for Spain. Can you show the position of gopro. Thanks.✌

  • Nice radiator guard. What manufacture?

  • Will post a link to gpx files when I return. Yesterday's route was spectacular!

  • If you can visit my city Salamanca. It's very nice.

  • Will post photo. It uses standard GoPro bike mount.

  • It's made by Beowolf. Perfect fit.

  • Thanks José. I don't think our current route will come very near to you.

  • Ok. Enjoy tour route. ✌

  • Thanks. I'll ser the foto. I use gopro but I put the gopro un other placer near to the light

  • José María Pascual Caamaño here is the mount. Only place I have found with no vibration.

  • Thanks. Tim.