• B16/ B Series/ An/ Em1 Parts

    I hasome b series parts for sale

    Obd2b dizzy, off em1 - 80 obo

    Obd2 hollow cat, fits stock exhaust 40 obo

    Slim fans 10" no plugs SOLD

    Blackworks radiator hoses off em1 SOLD

    Em1 a.c. lines, complete set, high pressure line broke. 150 obo

    Em1 a.c. compressor bracket 80 obo

    B series head with valve train, no cam caps semi complete 200 obo

    Itr intake manifold bare 150 obo

    B16 intake manifold complete 250 obo

    Oem Stanley headlight ok condition needs to be cleaned no broken tabs 30 obo

    Obd0 d series alternator 40 obo

    Obd0 d series dizzy 50 obo

    DA stock springs 30 obo

    Em1 stock moldings no clips 75 obo

    B16 em1 tranny bracket 40 obo

    Em1 no name motor mount 50 obo

    Em1 t bracket 75 obo

    Misc silicone hoses 10 each obo

    Itr springs and retainers SOLD

    Obd0 hf si harness 100 obo

    Obd0 b series vtec dizzy needs cap brand new 120 obo

    Dc e.g. innovative mounts 150 obo

    Crx ef b series t bracket 100 obo

    No name ef crx b series cable tranny mounts 100 obo

    2 sets of 1320 ramhorn b series headers 130 each

    Have a lot of misc. Parts need to make room. I'll add more pics as I find stuff

    Call or txt 2094008348 for more pics or info all prices are obo. Open to trades for Em1 or h2b parts

    • Hold those itr dual valve springs and retainers for me

    • Yep

    • Is that head the b16?

    • I'm not sure it's agustins he told me to post it up. I haven't had time to look at it

    • It's b series vtec tho right

    • Yeah it's a vtec head

    • I got a vtec head also available if you need one Lalo Delgado

    • Kamo Kameyo how much and condition

    • Pmd u

    • How much for 1 slim fan?

    • Slim fans are sold just got a chance to edit post

    • I'll take the cat