• Bars match the seat

    Bars match the seat :)

    • Nice!! Love what you have done with the colours!!

    • Did you spray rear hugger yourself?

    • Hi Ashley yes I sprayed it myself & also the exhaust plastic cover !

    • What yellow?? Like the code?? Good match?

    • It's this one from a local car shop ( code is on the top of can ) it's nearest I could find

    • Then coated with this

    • Just got some more Honda stickers :)

    • Never tell it's a honda... Haha!! Is this 2013 model? And is it a good match to the colour?

    • Ha ha yea gone a bit over the top with Honda stickers yea it's a really good match

    • Alright bud, nice one.. Will have to have a look n try with my hugger aha, cheers bro

    • Your welcome good luck

    • Ronald McDonald grom.

    • Ben Rogers Another Ducati Grom! Hahaha!!

    • whats that tail tidy mate?

    • Is actually a gsxr tail tidy had in the shed haha

    • Haha yeah looks great was wondering cos I have never seen one like that before

    • Haha yeah was cheaper than buying a branded one.. Haha