Be careful riding gang Just responded to a fatal motorcycle accident Bike...

Be careful riding gang! Just responded to a fatal motorcycle accident. Bike into a tractor trailer.

  • Oh no!

  • That sucks!!! Stay safe everyone!!!

  • Awful....but thank you for your service, even when it's the really bad stuff. :-(

  • Thanks Tami. Incidents like this make me think. I spoke to a few other officers who ride. We take this as a learning experience.

  • Sorry you had to experience that, Can't be easy.

    What was the cause of the accident?

  • Chris Lawrence, every time we ride it is a learning experience. I learned today that not everyone realizes how fast a semi going down hill will come up on them - freeway - lady doing about 40 in the slow lane. Because I was watching, I held up because that truck had to come over to my lane, or run her over. If I would have been oblivious to them, who wouldn't have been good.

  • You have to mental 'car chess' out there....always be thinking.....

  • Sorry Chris. Been on a few of those calls....

  • It's up to the rider to take responsibility for their safety, that includes backing off the throttle even when you are in the right to avoid someone who isn't. I never met a fast moving tractor trailer when traffic lights are involved. I don't know the specifics of the accident pictured, but I bet it could have been avoided. I understand the left turn scenario; in this case, that truck could be seen from a mile away.