been riding for 40 yrs Have had big bikes no bikes 20yrs scooters now I am...

been riding for 40+ yrs. Have had big bikes, no bikes(20yrs) scooters, now I am back to a motorcycle. Still remastering

  • Ride safe, nice looking bike.

  • Great bike to get bask into riding!

  • wish I had a ride buddy .

  • rochester ny

  • Welcome back old man!

  • I am not a man

  • I'd like a ride buddy sometimes, but Rochester is a bit of a hike from the NE-Philly area.

  • nice..u hav the glider at back..and stil keep ur rebel

  • Ride on, Karen! I got back on last year after a 10 year hiatus...bad knees. Now I have new knees and a new Rebel (last summer 2014) picked it especially for the low weight. I've had up to a 650 V-Star which was my last one. Had a Genuine Stella Scooter, ok, but that thing scared the Beejeesus out of me. I'll stick with a motorcycle that can get out of its own way.