• Been thinking and decided to replace these Initially when I pulled the motor...

    Been thinking and decided to replace these. Initially when I pulled the motor down I kinda forgot about how bad they were. The other assembly is worse. Can you replace the roller gears or better to try find good second hand assemblies?

    Another few weeks trying to find parts I guess...

    • That's a close up Cliff. Too worn?

    • Not really - you wont find much better out there.

    • Roger. I'll clean em up. I'll keep my eyes open too just in case

    • Looks pretty good to me

    • Cappellini moto have them new

    • Those are perfectly fine.

    • Took another one of this roller guide. Still ok?

    • Well - its got teeth ...

    • Cliff you don't barrack for Collingwood do you?

    • teeth are in the right position to cut wood for sure :-)

    • The question is. How long will they cut wood for?

    • I wood use it.

    • Edward Woodwood would too.

    • Branching off onto another subject.. haha nah that's great I'll use it. But woodent it be nice to ave some new wuns. I'd love an unlumberted budget.