Before anybody asks The CM250 came with belt drive The pulleys will fit a...


Before anybody asks. The CM250 came with belt drive. The pulleys will fit a Rebel. But the CM250 belt (which is no longer available) is about 4 inches to short for the Rebel.Will be posting how this works out. Specing the pulley out now for belt teeth pitch and such.

%d comments
  • Im new to bikes and ive alwayd wondered is there a reason people like belt drive or is it like one of those things like chevy and ford

  • It's kinda like that. Less vibration. The pro's and con's are about equal on the chain vs belts.

  • I'm doing it to be different as the main reason

  • Ya it give it alittle diffrent look

  • Belt doesnt need as much maitaince does it ?

  • I've definatley got the different covered. Lol

  • And do u replace the belt more often then a chain .. and yes diffrent for shure cant wait to see her done .. every pic u post she looks better and better

  • My understanding is the belt lasts longer. But we will see. LOL

  • Well we will see looking forward to this being built proper interested