Before I go and buy a twin exhaust

Before I go and buy a twin exhaust

Anyone looking for a px/trade

I have a mint condition IXIL

I'm Looking for twin baffle exhaust

  • Side mount it

  • Stick it on the back of your jacket, with an led torch as light

  • Looks good on a ruck

    But shit on a grom

    I got a side mount left over from my Zoomer

    Mocked it up and it's a defo no no

  • Need that splitter

    I'm on a mission to find one

  • What about another standard MSX pipe, cut and graft onto the original

  • I can't even build a wall out of Lego

  • Fair play lol

  • Can you get just the header pipe fir the area 22 setup?

  • No idea

  • Then mount twin standard cans?