Belly pan primed just needs a little finally fettle before the top coat of...


Belly pan primed, just needs a little finally fettle before the top coat of paint is thrown on. Also had time to stick some of that carbon fibre stuff to the front cowl, still not sure whether it looks right yet.

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  • is that the pyramid pan steve

  • That carbon fibre looks the business. Was it easy to put on and did it bubble?

  • Glyn Hope Was straight forward to fit, put in outside in the sun for a while to make it was nice and ply ably but didn’t stretch it while fitting it, it will only shrink back if you stretch this stuff, no bubbles at all. Also did the front fork protectors too.

  • Michael Stunt Man Jones Not sure bud, got if off Vee VTR, haven’t even tried it on yet just got stuck in and started sanding and filling. Hope it look right when it’s done!

  • lookin at it again, id say it is, they look dam smart wen there on, really finishes off the sports bike look :-)

  • Going to have to fit a heat shield of some short, paint had bubbled and cracked from the heat off the exhaust underneath, or fit heat wrap to the pipes and drill a few hole in the pan for air circulation, got to look good though.

  • aye it does get abit snug to the pipes especialy where the heel protectors are at the rear hahah

  • Looks good Stephen Kay looks real good

  • Thanks Jason, do we know each other? Only my mum calls me by my full name and spelt correctly :-)