Ben Harman pics already


Ben Harman - pics already!

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  • All Fitted !!!

  • OMG :D

  • Sooooo Bright in the day !!

    Nights gonna be epic

  • How much are these

  • Prices will hopefully be confirmed Wednesday but around £300 for the pair of Halo Boomerangs Josh Bissonnette will post a lot more pics tonight of the install :D

  • £300 for indicators????!!!! Fuck that

  • They aren't just indicators tho - are they? To me they add a lot of style to the front of the bike - no different to carbon. But yes, they are pricey but CNC to a high standard is not cheap. Obviously the more they sell the cheaper they will get once they recoup RND costs etc. Their stuff is awesome and I want to see some of the other stuff planned so I back them all the way. Unfortunately the fact they are in the US, the weak £sterling and her majesty's customs mean they are pricey.

  • They are just indicators tho. They look cool but end of the day just indicators. Yeah the build quality might be good, but even so... Can't justify £300 on indicators

  • Charlie Reeves that's fair enough dude

  • They are also running lights too as they are white when not flashing ;)

  • Haha. If they were like £100 it's still a lot for indicators but may have been worth a punt. Not at 300 tho. Ain't made of money lol

  • Charlie Reeves

  • Yeh - they are more of a niche and you are paying an early adopter price for serious bling. It's the same with anything that's produced - RND costs come down etc, products get cheaper. I think the Cam cover will sell out very quickly as its that bit more affordable. But their stuff is excellent. Ben Harman took a punt on these and I'm glad he did, as it takes balls to invest in new and niche products. OTB are probably the most exciting, high end manufacturer for MSXs at the moment and having discussed their future plans to an extent I am excited to see what they come up with. Their aim is to have a new product every 1-2 months with the same equal high quality. If Ben does well, he may be able to negotiate better deals in the future as OTB are keen to have a European market.

  • No more free drink for you then Ben

  • Are they a straight swap out Ben? Any modifications required?

  • Straight swap buddy

  • Mmm... might have to save up for these... :)