Ben Harman shared a link to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club.

OTB Billet TopClamp Coming Soon

  • You should do the SMR stuff

  • I would love to but don't think there's much ask for it in the UK :(

  • Please turn that clamp around :S

  • Love the triple clamp tho I'll be getting one

  • Reece Munn

  • Not mine but also noticed that lol

    Will let you know soon as they arrive

  • Don't think many people know about it

  • To be fair they don't do much clamps maybe sell a few clutch kits maybe one

    Not sure it's worth the risk for me for £££ of parts sitting on shelf :(

  • My yokes wasn't that bad to be honest and the quality is amazing

  • They do some AMAZING monkey stuff

  • Just having another look now

  • 200cc DOHC motor

  • Just see the cnc crank case looks amazing

  • Need to win the loto lol

  • Haven't checked mine from.last night yet