Beowulf rad guard fitted I m not sure if I like it or not

Beowulf rad guard fitted, I'm not sure if I like it or not.

  • Paint it in black. It should look better

  • That's what I was thinking

  • I have a black 1 fitted mate.. looks far better

  • I think a can of black paint is on order.

  • I was desperate for a silver guard like that where did you get it from as they don't make them anymore I ended up buying the newer style one

  • I ended up with this one but much prefer yours

  • I go it of eBay, it was secondhand.

  • I'm not sure if they look better in black.

  • I definitely prefer them In silver where did you buy it from?

  • I got it of eBay.

  • They never seem to come up for sale been looking for 5 months you must have been lucky.i even rang Beowulf up and they stopped making them 2 years ago,they make a different style guard now and they don't look as good.will just keep looking on eBay and one will turn up

  • Mines black

  • I must of, I just had a look on eBay and there it was, secondhand £50 buy it now, I'm liking your belly pan, what make is it.

  • It's an ermax belly pan bought it from jesters trick bits

  • I'll have a look, thanks.

  • There not cheap but definitely the nicest looking one

  • I've seen some that are way to big and they look crap, yours looks much more neat

  • Yeah there's sone terrible belly pans out there!!!!