Best aftermarket exhaust I have a 2003 Ace and I would like a little more...


Best aftermarket exhaust? I have a 2003 Ace and I would like a little more rumble. Thanks!

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  • Cobra and Vance Hines

  • I've got Vance and Hines on my 02 spirit

  • I love my cobra shotguns !!

  • What size engine on the ace

  • 750

  • Jean Stapel if it was a 1100 I would say 2 into 1 they sound great I fab my own on a 750 find a vance & Hines the corbra is ok

  • Are u running stock exhaust

  • Waylon Missi Pumphrey I think so. Not really sure. How can I tell?

  • Jean Stapel snap a pic let me see when u get time

  • Waylon Missi Pumphrey will do!

  • Jean Stapel kewl

  • Waylon Missi Pumphrey does this show enough?

  • U got the factory 2 into 1 pipe

  • cool! Thanks! So can I make them louder? Or are they are what they are?

  • Jean Stapel are u trying to make what you have louder or are u buying a new set up or slip ons

  • Just trying to make louder

  • Waylon Missi Pumphrey but slip ons would be ok too

  • Some people do the hole saw mod look at YouTube I guess the bike is to quiet u can do slip ons might have to adjust the mix screw on a full set up u have to jet the carb

  • Waylon Missi Pumphrey I will look. My hubby has a Harley and my bike seems rather whimpy when we ride together.....

  • Jean Stapel you will never have a Harley sound I tell peeps if u want that sound but a Harley but if u want to be reliable metric bike I like all bikes u can make a 650 750 1100 sound good

  • Waylon Missi Pumphrey thanks!

  • Waylon Missi Pumphrey I would be ok with a nice rumble. Is that doable?

  • I fabbed up a rinehart

  • Jean Stapel you can do the hole saw mod it will tone it up lil deep

  • Waylon Missi Pumphrey thanks!

  • Jean Stapel I would have to see the back of the muffler to see if the tip comes off or not there are different ways for that mod

  • I know the 1100 the tip comes off I don't know on the 750 one. If you YouTube Honda ace 750 mod you can hear the sound and see how it's done