Best battery upgrade for the grom

Best battery upgrade for the grom?

  • Ben hit me with a price and do u have them in stock?

  • Yea in stock can let you know in morning if ok :)

  • Yeah good with me. Thanks again!

  • Got motobatt on mine

  • Another vote for motobatt

  • keep the standard one charged ;)

  • Bit late Gary! Been on holiday and come home to it dead :/

  • you can push start it easy

  • If it's really really dead and won't prime the fuel pump, you can be pushing back and forth for quite a long time...

  • Aaron, if it was really really dead would the alarm still go off?

  • Yeah it will had a CBF that had 3 volts on the battery and the alarm was still going off disarm it and bump start it

  • I'm gonna try disarm it tomorrow. Thanks :)

  • lithium ion batteries 45 quid