Best indicators all round to get


Best indicators all round to get?

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  • Right

  • I believe these adaptors would fit. I have 2 spare, so could send you them for a fiver (inc postage)? I have FR216B. ators/rizoma-front-fairing-indicator-adapters.html

  • Yea if you want to be seen stay away from flush mount I'll be changing mine soon

  • Clear are much better than smoked but they're still basically crap. Side repeaters rather than front indicators.

  • Not in the cheap category, but I have R&G Aeros at the rear: id=310844893295

  • Fuck they are pricy

  • Nice though imho - I like the side blink you get with them.

  • Nano (or Nano-like) going in the front. I too would avoid flush for visibility reasons.

  • Don't wanna spend that much lol found a set of 4 indicators like i put on my cbr before and flasher relay so 4 indicators with a really 10er lol looked peng to

  • Mnnthnx rear and the kcp boomerangs front