• Best mechanics in central Illinois for ranchers or any atv for that matter

    Best mechanics in central Illinois for ranchers or any atv for that matter?

    • Wheres that Zak?

    • A Honda motorcycle master technician, normally work at Honda dealerships...

    • I dont have a dealership around me. But ill do some research on that one and if there is one.

    • I have to drive 30 miles but it's worth it.

    • If your not riding in any mud or water unhook every vent line form the carburetor (not the fuel line) and see if it still does it. Also make sure the vent on the gas cap is free (blow through it) and shut the fuel off and drain the carb to make sure no water is in the fuel. Try to catch that in a clear jar (the drained fuel) and you can see if there is water in it (it separates). Turn the fuel back on and let it flow a little before tightening the drain screw (just to verify good fuel flow).

    • We have unhooked the vent lines an it still dose it. We have blown through it an it runs for aliitle while after but then it starts doing it again.. we have looked it all over an cant find a single thing wrong with it thats why id like a reliable mechanic to take a look an not say it needs a whole bunch of bs and charge me for it and not even fix the problem...

    • Blew thorugh the gas tank cap vent line and it ran after? Have you tried a different cap or running it with it loose or off (low on fuel if you do)?

    • Yeah we did that. And it dosnt matter if its on off or loose it dose the same thing....

    • It shouldn't be a big issue. Good luck on your search for a mechanic that can fix it in your area. I'm a little out of the "local" zone... lol

    • Lol im trying. I have yet to find one who says "oh theres nothing wrong with it"

      You have to drive it. It will not do it in idle. Lol people drive me crazy sometimes