Best one I have Can t really tell the loudness from this will get a better...

Best one I have. Can't really tell the loudness from this, will get a better more accurate representation of the sound tomorrow. That noise when you let the throttle off tho

  • I want one...!!! Pardon...!!!

  • Bloody hell jack!

  • That sounds awesome

  • Lucas Mendonça olha o som de quando a minha mota tinha escape directo, a minha ainda fazia rateres cada vez que se carregava embraiagem

  • Jack the bike sounds like a warthog bomber from call of duty, love it.

  • So what was the total cost all in?

  • £319.70

  • Warthog bomber in Call of Duty? Don't recall that. Or maybe you mean CoD 2, 3, 4, 2354 etc. I only ever played the first one (Jack prob wan't born when that came out, so you might have to explain it to him! :P)

  • * :P

  • Damn..thats too loud for neighbours might tell me off. XD