Best tyres to buy and why. I ride my bike quite hard. All weather all terrain

Best tyres to buy and why :) I ride my bike quite hard... All weather, all terrain. Cheers

  • I ride Michelin Winter City grips. There great in rain, summer as there very sticky and I have never slipped one on them compared to stock Vees. They have also given me trust to lean better.

  • That's cool!! At the minute I'm going round corners with my foot out as the back end just skites about under me lol

  • I've been on michelin city grips all year

  • Scary times on Vees but great for burnouts lol

  • Don't stick your foot out

  • Michy city grips winter also!!

  • 'All weather all terrain' Contimoves 365 are the ones for you

  • Conti365 for me

  • Literally struggling to lean at all in this rain at the minute... feels like my back wheel is about to fall off lol

  • I had maxxis but now switching to Michelin power pures

  • City grips all the way