Best way to get to the skatepark

Best way to get to the skatepark

  • More like the best thing to take on the skate park hahaha

  • Are you running an oil cooler?

  • What other goodies you got going on?

  • more details on that oil cooler setup?

  • ^ I second the details on oil cooler

  • Running a Lifan 140 engine, the oil cooler came with the engine and it works alright but I think an aftermarket cooler would probably do a better job. The hoses run from the head to cooler then to bottom end, not sure how you would go about mounting one to the Honda motor though

  • So the oil that's suppose lubricate your top end is being bypassed to the oil cooler? Look at the cooler kits for a small block (which your Lifan is) and they have a cam cover plate with two fittings on it. Stock, Oil is channelled through this plate into the cam and rocker shafts. The oil is diverted into the cooler and back into the cam/ rocker shafts on a cooled one. Sounds like your sharing the oil to the top end and cooling it to return to the crankcase. To make a cooler work on a 90, you would need a cam cover with fittings, plumbed correctly. Unfortunately they don't make many hi perf parts for the 90. Maybe a cross cub has the same cam cover, then you could get one from Takegawa. Maybe I'll make a few.

  • Took some photos, looks like they both come from the bottom end, not sure how it's cooling but made sure it was set up the same way as other pit bikes when I installed it

  • Don't know for sure, but maybe the pump also, along with the bottom end, the top end and a separate path to cool the oil.