Best way to remove stick bar end. Tying to fit Oxford Heated Grips

Best way to remove stick bar end? Tying to fit Oxford Heated Grips.

  • Hairdryer to heat them up. Worked for me

  • Grip it with channel locks and use impact gun. Use knife or sandpaper to sand/cut down the edge.

  • Don't use the glue that comes with the grips as it runs into the starter unit

    And kills it learnt the hard way myself lol wasn't a cheap fix either

  • Thanks all, impact driver couldn't do it, managed with some locking Grips and a towel!

  • I got a QAT tube at the same time for fitting heated grips. Save grinding the stock tube

  • Omg imagining getting impaled by your anus on that

  • Youll also need to sand those grooves down

  • All done.... City Grips, Leo Vince slip on and heated grips. Tail tidy next!

  • New bars

  • Remove the ends with mole grips and a towel, then proceed to smash the bung inside the bar, then go and buy some Pro Tapers or Renthals and fit them with the heated grips!