BEWARE OF THIS SELLER Chris Bechstein It was just scratch a lil There s no...


BEWARE OF THIS SELLER ! Chris Bechstein ! It was just scratch a lil! There's no hinges! Kept telling some bullshit about it's just 25$ did you expect it to be perfect.! No, but being lied to is worst! Then said well ship it back but I'm not paying shipping then I'll give you back ur 10$! sure stupid dick, I'll pay 15$ in shipping to get 10$ back once item is back in his possession! So basically lose 5$ plus the tool box , that's only if he payes me back!

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  • Fixed

  • That's how Honda should have done it in the first place

  • This guy is all pissed off over this tool box I sold him for $10... he had to pay $15 for shipping.. I sent him the box and he was not happy with the condition.. and he demanded that I payed him back the $10 and he was going to keep the toolbox.. or bash my name publicly... sry bud thats not how it works... any business would give you the same return policy.. you return the item and your purchase price will be returned...

  • Yes but any business would not have lied when asked if the product was cracked or broken, and replied with its just scratch a lil and when asked for better picture gave me a bull shit picture like yours

  • I would have to say that a $10 tool box is going to be a $10 tool box. For one in pristine condition, the box will be $100. If you go to ebay right now and shop for "Honda 350X Toolbox", you will see 200x OEM tool boxes selling for $70 in new condition. There are currently zero 350x toolboxes for sale. The spanner wrench does not fit in a 200x toolbox.

  • I don't care is the spanner wrench fits or not and I don't care if it was 10$ or 200$, it's the principals! I'll sell you a rear 350x axle and tell you it's just scratch a bit and I'll give you looks of picture but just no the one showing you that the spline are completely gone! But I'll sell it for 40$ then when you get it ! I'll tell you well what did you expect from a 40$ they all go for 100-200$ on eBay! Wow people are ignorant

  • lesson of the day...if its to good to be true, it usually is lol

  • Mathieu, people are ignorant and trusting. I've gotten some bad parts off ebay. I have a "mint" condition 1985 plastic fender that was hardly that. It is the principle but you have to pick your battles. I kept the fender. It's appropriate for when I want a beater fender on the bike.

    Nice fix on the toolbox.