Big question

Big question.

I am about to book 16k miles service on my MK2 ('15).

The big question is whether to do valve clearances or not?

Any advise or opinion is very welcomed.

  • see the post by Barry lower down

  • Good point, thank you.

  • Mine will be going in this year for its 16k service , valve clearances get done on that service ( I payed for Honda service up to 16k )

  • A previous bike of mine, a vtec 800 is expected to have a major 16,000 service, numerous mechanics advised not to check the valves until around 32,000!

  • Do it yourself. So easy and cheap

  • Miles or km we talk here :D

  • Miles

  • Good...feeling good ;))

  • As much as I would love to do it myself there are several reasons I cannot.

    1. No garage or driveway

    2. Warranty

    3. No clue how ;)

    Maybe next time, hopefully 1 and 2 will be solved by then and 3rd point ... maybe I will buy an engine to experiment on, could be cheaper than the service. Having said that £490 for a full service including valve adjustment isn't that bad.

    I decided to book it.

  • okay just to update you all on this topic ... I've had it done and valves were bang on in the middle of prescribed tolerances. I am still happy that I've done it because other bits and pieces were checked as well during this service. Bike feels like new again.

  • Just had valve clearance service on my 2006 cbf1000 at 19,600 miles, and what'd you know, "all were within tolerances". £279 at Honda dealers, hope this helps.