Big things happening over here


Big things happening over here.

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  • Just painted mine and it came out purple :(

  • Did you mean for it to be?

  • No I did not

  • What happened? Lol

  • I don't know tryed to paint it color shifting and it came out purple

  • What kind of base coat did you use?

  • A black base with a Sahara color shift paint

  • Try a silver base. It makes the color pop more I think.

  • Ok will do in a few weeks thank for the advice

  • Post the results!

  • Will do I'll do a shot of what I got when I get home

  • Is this before the base coat?

  • No this is with a black base and the pearl on top

  • Did you wet sand with 320?

  • No I did not I was trying to go for a Matt look

  • You still need to do that. I've never heard of mat color shifting paint.

  • Well it's not but trying something different this is my first time painting something and it looks ok right now just don't want to go to far and mess it up

  • You're going to have to wet sand it man.

  • Trust me.

  • Ok ill give it a shot what do u think 600 1000 1500 wet?

  • I use 320. You can get it at home depot.