• Biggest Best engine to put into a postie

    Biggest/Best engine to put into a postie?...

    • Pitster Pro 155z

    • Kawa h2.

    • 110 Honda original

    • I so want that 190 ! That is a nice motor and also decant price :)

    • If you got creative you could probably put a cr500 or xr650 in it :)

    • If you had a death wish ^

    • Haha fuck man I would do it be fun :)

    • I am a postie and have gave the stock enough stick everyday, but the frame keeps cracking at the front engine mount so if you do get a big engine reeinforce the front of the frame with an extra brace. the frames are really not that good, cant stand abuse.. ;(

    • Lifan engine goes foot 110cc had one in mine never let me down

    • Stop jumping off gutters and doing stunts whilst delivering mail then ;)