Bike now being broken up. because of broken exhaust stud in front housing


Bike now being broken up (because of broken exhaust stud in front housing). Parts for sale from Andover, please contact me for enquiries.

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  • I am interested in the hugger and have you got the complete gear link with the wings? if so could you please let me have a price. I stay in South Africa so you would need to ship it.

  • Hi Geoffrey, Hugger was first bit to go, also gear linkage gone, still have the wings (I take it you mean the bit that the linkage sits in and the the footrest is attached to). My wife updated this and I must get her to update the photo as there isnt a complete bike any more, I dont have a clue how to change the photo lol!

  • just post another mate. im sure no one would be upset about it

  • I will get the wife to take a photo with her Smartphone :-)

  • Helo Martin, yes that is the part I'm looking for, If you can let me have a price. A pity about the hugger though.

  • ebay has rear huggers for $80 shipped to your door. i just ordered one

  • £30 for the pair, just to confirm though the gear linkage has already been sold, will check on postage and let you know cheers.

  • Hi Geoffrey, postage is £18 cheers

  • Hi Geoffrey, just had a thought, just assumed you wanted the pair, was it just one? If so its £15 for the part and I will recheck the postage if you let me know, thanks.

  • Just added a pic of most of the parts that are left from my storm. See above