Bike seized and now does this when you try to turn it over Does this mean...


Bike seized and now does this when you try to turn it over. Does this mean anything?

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  • Ouch

  • It is your battery That is draibed while starting, then the dash starts up again due to the battery voltage drop...this sucks the current away, to much resistance kn starter

  • Same boat as me pal :(

  • Lack of oil maybe a possibility

  • Millage game strong

  • Or the big ends that went a few months back finally failed completely

  • What a ballsack that is last bike I had did that cuz it dumped a litres of castrols finest on the road

  • Needs and musts mate he needed the bike for work so kept it going "I'm surprised it lasted this long" now he must rebuild or replace

  • Yep

  • is it low on oil?

  • Oil was fine

  • No one should really be surprised with all of these engine problems , the engine is from the old Honda Innova 125 with a clutch instead of a semiautomatic gearbox,, Honda have put an engine in from a round town scooter into something that's looks like a mini fat-bike which begs to be thrashed, trouble is the engine wasn't built for that hence problems. I built a monkey with the Innova engine in and blew 3, all bottom ends and one top and bottom end as they didn't like being worked hard. It's a big shame. That's my tupence worth said.

  • Looks like what mine does when the battery is flat

  • I've seen big mileage Groms all over the place. I think it down to how well you treat them. jake the garden snake and his buddies torture the life out of their Groms and they keep on ticking.

  • it looks like the engines origins was in the Honda C90 and that sir was a very reliable engine.

  • The engine was from a Honda Innova scooter , or wave 125 Thailand, the c90 was completely different.

  • Battery's ok, sounds like the engines sized and the starter motor is drawing every bit of power trying to turn it over, thats from my mechanics brain lol, I would charge up the battery any ways as that will have taken a lot of power out of it now

  • I know. I mean it has C90 DNA