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  • What color are wires I know green and orange one is left and right think black negative and other colour is for indicators as drl

  • Can't remember off the top of my head mate.

  • Green on bike to black on indicator. Orange and blue to the other one. Tape the one with the stripe safely away.

  • Legend

  • All working now Jamie Proffitt?

  • Working ?

  • up?

  • Was just trying to help did mine a while back without a problem :)

  • Sorry I got confused. Matthew was my intended receiver

  • Good good happy grommin

  • Did you put them in upside down?

  • ^ it's a serious point. Not much difference to see but upside down indicators don't have a drain hole for water. They have a fill hole instead n

  • You should avoid displaying your plates on internet.

  • Why

  • They know the make and model and color. So they can print exactly the same plates and speed somewhere in the UK. And you would receive the fines.

  • Jeef Yuus ahhh, makes sense, cheers

  • Can also find your address and steal your bike..

  • Matt Lloyd can they?

  • I don't think you can do that from a number plate

  • Bikes registered to your house is it not?!

  • Yeah but the only people that can find out the address are the Dvla and police etc

  • Still not worth it

  • I hide mine anyway

  • Yeah good choice :)

  • No worry a the 3 wire is for running lights do believe it is the striped on don't quote me on that

  • There's no way to get an address from a number plate unless you're the police or dvla

  • As if people would join a private Grom group to clone bikes to speed on. Takes two seconds to find a plate registered to any make/model, and if they wanted to speed they wouldn't clone a Grom!

  • I clone grom plates to do petrol runs in....

  • Chris Wilkins lol criminal mastermind at £4 a tank!

  • Yer didn't pick the best vehicle did I haha

  • So what stops someone from doing that when they see you on the road lol. It's pointless.

  • Yes mate remove the stripes ones