• Black out the chrome accents or leave them be

    Black out the chrome accents or leave them be ?

    • Thing is I have this crazy idea of not painting over the tank and fenders straight black . I'm trying to come up with a way to " smoke " the tank . I want the color to just barely show through . Any thoughts ?

    • Mix black with clear coat. It will darken the color the more layers like a candy concept.

    • I used plasti dip on mybtank and fenders to make sure that's the look I wanted before I painted them for real. Came out nice. I want to do some of the chrome also. May wrap the exhaust to save a few $$

    • Before

    • After. $18 for material

    • What's plasti-dip ?

      Any pictures of how it turned out ?

    • Look at my replys

    • Its a rubber type coating. Used for tools and such few years back ppl noticed u could paint other things and it can peel off and leave no residue. Spray and liquid types available

    • I dig the tires

      Aren't they hard to find ?

    • The red and chrome look Great.

    • I like chrome...

    • Gmork?

    • My bike is flat black and is, I guess you'd call it a street bob, but I left everything chrome. I figure that if the older generation loved chrome and tried to have as much chrome as possible, then it's good enough for me!

    • Victor Encalada I really dig the wheels and tires! That's what I want to do with mine........some day!

    • i vote chrome too!

    • No chrome is the way to go

    • I like the idea. All black is over done these days.

    • I like that idea Victor

      I'll have to practice with the piece of rear fender I chop off first but that's a rad idea