• Blue 14 plate MSX in Oakham on Saturday

    Blue '14 plate MSX in Oakham on Saturday?

    • Them vee rubbers are like £30 to buy

    • Ah not much difference in services then.

      Wow, I hope they personally took a trip to Thailand to get them for the price I paid then.

    • Yer that's not good it's hard as you need the bike serviced to keep up the warranty and it's nice to have the Honda stamp in the book

    • Yeah, it is a hard balance. If I got my tyres done elsewhere would it affect my warranty? - I wouldn't have thought so as tyres don't come under warranty.

    • No tyres wouldn't a lot of people would do the services them self but I like stamps in the book etc, the service manual is on here

    • I agree, I think it's better to get it stamped. The most I do myself is lube the chain every 300 miles really or when she gets cleaned.

    • £160?!?!?! Talk about "Stand and Deliver!" cobbing runts.

    • I bought all my own tyre gear about 3 years ago. Cost me about £180 but saves me about £20 a wheel on fitting, plus I get to use the tyres are the best prices, not the price they charge. And do it at a time to suit me. Must have used it for two dozen tyre swaps by now.

    • I would look elsewhere for Honda. Peterborough isn't too bad. Or Nottignham maybe? Oh, and next time you want some tyres doing, give me a call and I'll fit them for you, mates rates. Can't have fellow MSXers getting robbed.

    • Oh wow, that definitely sounds like you've got the right idea!!

      I was intending on buying my bike from Peterborough as my mate got his CBF from there but they told me the MSX 2014 model wasn't even in the country until mid 2015. I politely told them where to put it and don't intend on going back. :L

      Do you ever go BATS in Oakham? I always took my moped there (became somewhat of a regular) and they are great and relatively cheap.

      Ah that's excellent!! Cheers Gavin!!!