Bolt stuck and about to remove it but I ve seen someone say you can replace the...

Bolt stuck and about to remove it but I've seen someone say you can replace the cylinder head with one that has 8mm studs where can I get one I'd rather go bigger then go back to 6mm anyone know some info on this

  • Pretty sure most bbk heads have 8 mm studs,

  • This is on a stock 150cc and these lil shits are 6mm I don't like lol where can I get 150cc with 8mm

  • Bbk it for $200+ or take that head to a machine shop and have them bore those 6mm hole to 8mm with steel helicoils and call it a day.

  • Thats what I was wondering can I just bore this to 8mm thank you I would rather do that than change it all lol

  • I did it after going through about 3 heads. Also if your running aftermarket exhaust, proper mounting is crucial to ensure you don't break anymore exhaust studs and prevent flange cracks.

  • Yup that's where I'm at now and I'm fixing my exhaust and bolts now and can tell the bigger bolts would be so much better this 6mm are weak and suck lol thanks again

  • Np

  • my hoca 61mm head came with 8mm

  • It will because its a much larger head. The stock heads don't unless you go bbk. Us cheap fucks either don't have 260 laying arou d or don't wanna spend it.

  • So if you go to 61mm head that makes it a 169cc right and if you do that do you have to upgrade carb and jets