Bought a 2008 rancher ES 4x4 and the plastic is severely scratched up Mileage...

Bought a 2008 rancher ES 4x4, and the plastic is severely scratched up. Mileage/Hours are somewhat low, but it was used for hunting and on a farm. So scratched up, and I looked into getting new OEM plastic, but it's obviously expensive. I haven't had a ton of success painting plastic...anyone else tried it? Or has anyone found a more affordable source of OEM plastic?

  • Taylor what would the heat gun do?

  • Gently heat it to barley melt the surface. It's like wet sanding and buffing in one

  • Melts the surface layer a little removing light scratches and any faded spots.

  • I mean barley heat it

  • Or just sand it down smooth. Use a really fine sand paper though then buff it a little

  • 3000+ grit ^^

  • I did Rick. Did you get them? If not, you may have to send a test message before you can see them. It has something to do with my Facebook Messenger app. Pretty annoying!

  • Don't know where you are, if he might ship, or if these might fit, but I saw this on Craigslist recently and the price was great!

    New 2004-2006 Honda Rancher Green Plastic - $100 w/4878211798.html

  • Mine is a 2008. Plastics from 2006 and below will not fit

  • You can take a mixture of paint thinner and oil...i forgot which oil exactly it is. But it basicaly slightly melts the plastics and fills in all the scratches and the oil make its look new again. Someone on here last week had actually done it and it worked for them