Bought my bike used 2003 ace 750 has 12k on it What service should I get...


Bought my bike used (2003 ace 750), has 12k on it. What service should I get done beside oil and oil filter? How do I find what services to get and at what miles?

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  • Spark plugs, clean and lube the chain, air filter. You should be fine after that.

  • My chain is a little loose, is it hard to tighten?

  • It should have some slack in it to a certain extent. It's not hard to tighten if it is too loose though, there's just 2 bolts on the back to turn to loosen or tighten it.

  • Brake fluid, coolant also

  • ^knew I was forgetting something.

  • How old are the tires? Look at the date on them. Over 5 years get them changed.

  • flush brake fluid, flush coolant, change spark plugs, clean carburetor (and check sync if you have 2 carburetors), adjust valve lifters (if applicable), test battery (replace if necessary), new air filter, if chain...clean, lube, adjust tension; if rear gear lube, check tires for wear & signs of age...replace tires and tubes (if spoked wheels), lube clutch cable, lube throttle cables; pick a few on the list and get em this over the next 6 months; I would prioritize the battery, brake fluid, coolant, tires, and chain/rear diff...