Bought this 09 back in February so I did not have a chance to test drive it...

Bought this 09 back in February so I did not have a chance to test drive it, recently installed a new front tire as the old one was original and beginning to show cracking. At low speeds like 20 to 40 mph the front end bunny hops, I think the wheel is out of true, how much would I be looking at to have it trued do yeah think? I can easily pull the wheel off myself, but I've never trued even a bicycle wheel, so I'm not too crazy about doing it myself, any input would be appreciated, thank you

  • beautiful. i got a twin to it

  • Get it balanced mate.. before ya spend too much money on a spoke monkey.

  • mine makes 3

  • jack up and spin wheel by hand see if it stop in same spot each time you can all so see if it is straight

  • I jacked it up and spun the wheel and held a piece of steel flat bar right close to the center line of the tire and it's out of round by about 3/16 of an inch

  • You can see it is out of round with just your eye

  • It was balanced when the shop mounted the tire

  • Do the same but close to the rim tire may not be seated right

  • I pulled it off and brought it to a local guy who owns a business called Chopper Customs he thinks the new tube that was installed when the tire went on is folded over inside the tire?

  • That would do it

  • Front wheel all balanced and true, damn thing still bouncy bouncy 35 - 45 mph, higher speeds no bounce, city speeds it's like the energizer bunny, lots of comments and online feeds about people having the same issue. Don't want to just keep throwing money at until the problem is repaired. Do the rear shocks ever give anyone problems?

  • you can bead balance the wheel. you but beads in the tube when you drive each time the wheel balances itself. that will help

  • I have not had any problems with rear shocks

  • Bead balance? Gonna look into that Michael, thanks man

  • It occilates from front to rear and back to front, I feel it pass through the seat front to back and then back to front, just put the rear wheel back on this morning because I has it checked and balanced on a balancing machine and the dude at Chopper Customs says its good

  • Maybe I'm just too picky and I'm expecting it to ride like a Caddilac, but on a 64" wheel base?

  • Does it have any oil in the forks?

  • I would expect so? It only has 12,000 miles on the odometer, however Larry I am going to have to pull the caps off and double check fork oil level and may as well swap it out for 15wt while I'm into them, if it didn't have fork oil would it not bounce like a kangaroo when I pish the forks up and down just with my body weight while in my garage?

  • More and more I am suspecting it's a faulty rear tire, when I'm riding and reach down with my left hand to the shock and put my fingers against the shock transition joint I can feel it bouncing up and down, even on smooth asphalt, the rear tire although not that old has 2.5 oz of weights on it.