Brad Johnson changed the privacy setting of Honda Rancher Club from Public to Closed.

  • There was no butthurt Honda owners.

  • Well the fact of the matter is, this is a Honda rancher club. If you don't like Honda or ranchers then leave. There will be absolutely not porn posted on this site or excessive language. Yes we all cuss but no need for f bombs. You will be banned no questions asked. Yes trash talk is to be expected but this isn't jr high leave the mommas out of this. If anyone has a problem with this page or how it's run then leave

  • Easy tiger. I own a few ranchers myself.

    Nobody said they had a problem either. Just asking for some information as to why the privacy was changed.

    No need to tell people to leave boss.

  • It's to no one on this thread. Just not gunna put up with jr high drama.

  • Like I said, morons are everywhere. And ya can't fix stupid.

  • I run the honda 300 club page. By the admins having to approve who is added cuts down on a lot of the spam. As for the haters, well I see haters as motivators. And if they want to talk smack anywhere other than the 300 page that's fine, just don't come onto a honda page bragging about your can am. That group is open, grows by 50 people a week and is doing great.

  • Yea some people just want to stir shit

  • Bradley can you make me a admin?

  • Hey admin can i be on the groups picture i see it's blank now. Maybe we can have a like contest