Braided lines do different makes of line make differences. For example

Braided lines - do different makes of line make differences?? For example: Tyga and Wezmoto do braided lines.. Is there any comparison between the two or is it just pricing etc?

  • All the same, only difference might be banjo, my brakes are well soft compared to Owains, gonna give em a bleed me thinks, my preference on braided lines are HEL Lines

  • Yeah mine barely work

  • Bleeding is your 1st port of call before throwing money at it

  • How do I do that? Like I said earlier ain't got much of a clue bout bikes - always thrown money at em and let someone else work on them

  • Just don't get lines with anodised aluminium ends. Stainless is best as zinc rusts. But alu ends are just dangerous.

  • Yeah looking at stainless ones

  • night and day difference switching from stock lines to braided.. i used CoreMoto lines.. blue with blue ends.. fit was perfect..

  • Found this on a fireblade I had bought to get running again. Glad I checked the brakes over before riding it! ums/i264/a_morti/mortis%20blad e/DSC00066.jpg

  • I have wezmoto and make a massive difference as my wife has still got standard lines