• Brand new never fitted

    Brand new never fitted

    £60 inc uk delivery

    • 2012-2016 mk1 not the sf

    • How much mate.

    • £60 inc uk delivery

    • Sorry didn't read properly.

    • Would you swap a all black one

    • havent got the bike anymore mate

    • U haven't got the seat ?

    • got the seat but not the bike

    • Martin Day ahh okay can you any better price for it ?

    • thats best price mate there doing 80 on ebay

    • If this was Friday I would have this for my grom

    • @tony Payton

    • Where did you get this one from and does it leave a gap at the back? I have the same one thats being sold (black and red) but I want an all black one, bought one from eBay which looked really nice but when I got it and fitted it.. it left the gap at the back so you could see in under the seat etc.

    • I got it with the bike .. Erm not really well I don't mind swapping it I want either the red one or white one ..

    • Elmo Rider You can't really see it

    • I’ve seen another on eBay where it goes way back that bit of plastic, its around £80 including Thailand shipping so I might go with that, will end up selling mine then but depends when I get this new one really, want the bike all sorted for Summer so want to try get some ££ and get the new bits I want.

    • That’s my red one at the moment, it leaves a SMALL gap but yeah.. the all black one I bought left a stupid amount of a gap, you could see the wiring inside and the stitching of the seat and bolts etc.

    • It doesn't show a lot on mine one is

      Alright doesn't show any wires or bolts... Did you wanna swap ?

    • I’ll have a think, as my bikes my source of transport so I use it daily, so cant really go any time without it, and obviously need a seat to ride… plus i’m in Cardiff so it would have to be posted etc, but again, I need my bike daily… i’m going to check around tomorrow for some others online and see about prices, i’ll be selling mine then so i’ll let you know...

    • Elmo Rider that's no problem mate I might decide to get the white one I have a place on eBay where they do them !

    • Elmo Rider bro if you wanna sell that in future will buy it bro

    • No problem, will get at you when I get a new one… money issues at the mo what with having to buy a new camera but hoping to get a new seat soon enough.

    • Yh bro 100% getting my grom Friday

    • Lee

    • Lee Winter

    • Still got it?

    • Yes pal

    • Wont fit ours

    • Have you still got it

    • Fuck mate I didn't know u replied. I'll take it if it's still going. If so PayPal?

    • inboxed