Breather hose connection question


Breather hose connection question:

I'm using a 500 exhaust cam cover with 1 breather, and an intake cover with 2 breathers.

Is is OK to connect the exhaust and 1 intake together and then route off the other intake to a filter or catch can?

Or is there another way I should be looking at.

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  • Considering your not spinning the motor at 10,000 continuously it wouldn't hurt to run 2 into 1 but its always good to give the motor as much breather volume that you can. I run the front up into the tank area where it cant be seen then put a paper K&N filter on the end of the hose then run the rear hose to a bottle. I checked the pressure years ago and at 10,000 rpm its producing 1.5 PSI

  • Thanks Terry.

    It'll be lucky to see 10,000 very often :-)

    I'll go with that then.